In December 2022, Kshemal and Snigdha embarked on a beautiful journey together, celebrating their deep love through an intimate and exquisite ceremony. The event unfolded at the charming ITC Windsor Manor, a boutique 5-star hotel that seemed destined for them with its touch of classic English architectural style and vibrant colors, perfectly complementing their presence. The celebration was attended by approximately 70 close-knit guests, an assembly of cherished friends and family. Notably, Kshemal, a cricketer who had played a significant role behind the scenes, took center stage in this wedding narrative.
Choosing to honor their union with an Arya Vysya wedding ceremony, Kshemal and Snigdha embraced the beauty of simplicity and tradition. The Arya Vysya ceremony symbolised their commitment in a profoundly meaningful and traditional manner.
The grand finale of the wedding was undoubtedly the spirited cricketing circle of friends, who infused the atmosphere with unparalleled energy and enthusiasm. Their lively dance moves and exuberant spirits elevated the celebratory vibes to new heights, creating an unforgettable party ambiance.
Every element of the wedding seamlessly reflected the genuine essence of who Kshemal and Snigdha are as individuals and as a couple. The occasion was a true reflection of their personalities, values, and shared journey.
The photographs captured during the wedding serve as a heartfelt tribute to the very core of their affectionate bond. Each snapshot encapsulates the intricate emotions, cherished moments, and the undeniable love that unites Kshemal and Snigdha on their remarkable life journey together.