Vivian, an adventurous and delightfully quirky individual, joined hands with Delsy, a carefree and effortlessly cool soul, as they embraced the journey of wedded bliss in August of 2021. Their heartwarming union unfolded through an alluring English Catholic wedding ceremony, graced by an aura of intimacy and love. The picturesque St. Patrick's Church in Bangalore served as the backdrop, adding an extra layer of charm to the already enchanting celebration. Surrounded by a web of close-knit family and friends, the event bore witness to the depth of their affection.
The festivities seamlessly intertwined eloquent speeches, exuberant dance, genuine emotions, and spirited libations, forming a harmonious blend of joy.
With Vivian's prowess as a photographer and cinematographer, he effortlessly melded into his role, ensuring every moment was captured with comfort and finesse.
The photographs captured during these cherished moments stand as a heartfelt homage to the very essence of their loving partnership. Each image encapsulates a myriad of emotions, cherished instances, and the undeniable love that defines the extraordinary bond shared between Vivian and Delsy.